Wine & Beer Favorites

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Hey y’all! Today’s blog post is extra special because Blake is making an appearance on this one 🙂 Blake isn’t one for loving his picture being taken, but he agreed to be in this post with me which I really appreciate! In this blog post we are collaborating with Favor to share some amazing news for all of you H-E-B lovers…Favor is now offering FREE delivery of beer and wine exclusively from H-E-B. Whether you need a 6 pack of beer, or 6 pack of wine, you can order it through Favor and have it delivered to your house in less than an hour with no minimum order required. This will be great for last minute dinner guests, girls night in, or when your family is driving you crazy and you are in desperate need of an adult drink to maintain your sanity. If you don’t know what Favor delivery is, it’s an online delivery service where you can order things such as food from restaurants in your area and have it delivered to your house, office, or where ever you might be! I order from Favor frequently at work when I don’t have time to make my lunch for the day. Not only do they deliver food, but they also offer delivery services for groceries, dry cleaning, or just about anything you can think of! Download the app here to do it all from your phone!

Blake and I pretty much buy all of our groceries from H-E-B. So naturally that is also where we like to buy our favorite wine and beers. I am a wine drinker and can’t stand the taste of beer. No matter how many different beers Blake tries to get me to taste, I will always hate it. The only beers I can tolerate have to be super light and have a million lime wedges squeezed in them haha. Blake however loves beer and really loves trying different craft beers. H-E-B has a 6 pack beer sampler that you can fill with 6 different types of beers, which is perfect for those who want a variety! For myself, I love both red & white wines. I’m not too picky but if I’m drinking red, I tend to be more of a Cabernet kind of girl. If I’m drinking white, I love something light, crisp, and refreshing like a Sauvignon Blanc or Vino Verde. And of course I love a good Rosé!! Blake and I are each going to share our top 6 favorite beers & wines we like to buy from H-E-B. If you are interested in trying any of our favorites or if this post just has you craving a good glass of wine, make sure to Favor it to your house for free because why not?!

Blake’s Favorite Beers

Well’s & Young’s Banana Bread Beer

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

Dogfish Head IPA

Karbach Hop Delusion

Saint Arnold Endeavour

11 Below 7 Iron Blonde Ale

Rachel’s Favorite Wines

Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon

Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon

Apothic Red Blend

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Chateau D’Esclan Whispering Angel Rosé


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