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What’s in my Makeup & Toiletries travel bag for the Beach

So as many of you may know (specially if you follow me on instagram), I travel a lot. It’s something that I love having the freedom to do before I sell my soul to having children (lol jk). So I want to start including more travel type blog posts.Today I’m going to be sharing what I brought in my travel make up & toiletries bag for my trip to Punta Cana. Sometimes I wonder why these what’s in my bag posts or videos intrigue us girls so much. Why do we want to know what people carry in their purse or travel bags? Because we are nosey that’s why haha. One of my best friend’s Cate and her now husband Mitch got married on the beach this past weekend. Everything about the wedding turned out so pretty and perfect! Besides the fact that I woke up the day of the wedding with one of my eyes almost swollen shut from pink eye….. I have honestly had the worst luck in the world the last couple of weeks. BUT I am not going to focus on everything that has gone wrong, and only the things that were awesome! Before I take you inside my makeup and toiletries bag, I want to mention these awesome makeup bags I got from Sephora. Aren’t they the cutest?! I have also found that they are very functional for travel! I will link them both with the other products mentioned below. At the end, I will also include the beach bag and what products I like to have in it for a day  at the beach!

Makeup Bag

I like to keep my make up bag as minimal as possible when going to the beach (minimal for me is bringing 1 of everything I might need). Honestly, you don’t need much! It doesn’t always look the best when you cake on the makeup after being in the sun at the beach all day. But when you come in for the day and have dinner/evening plans, you have to have to get a little dolled up. I’m going to share some of my favorite make up products to bring while on a beach vacation that look great on your skin after being in the sun all day! This Sephora makeup bag is so cute and great for traveling! I love that there is a place for your brushes. I will link it here for y’all to shop.

Becca Primer– Hydrates the skin to prep for foundation- perfect after being in the sun all day.

It Cosmetics CC cream– Hydrates the skin, spf 50, good covereage… What more could you want?!

Nars radiant creamy concealer– Lightweight and not too cakey.

Translucent powder– Ya gotta set that face!

Hourglass bronzer– All time favorite bronzer. Haven’t met anyone that doesn’t like it!

Becca mineral blush– Perfect summer shade with a little glow to it.

Marc Jacobs drew drops highlighter– This stuff gives you the perfect summer glow!!

Huda Pallet– Obsessing over this pallet. A look using this will be coming to my channel soon!

Stilla liquid liner– Staple make up piece of mine right here.

Mac gigablack mascara– Perfect mascara for bottom lash line (I have lash extensions)

Toiletries bag

For my toiletries I like to get all things mini! Miniature things just make me happy. When I’m traveling I like to fit ALL of my toiletries in one bag. This Sephora bag I found is the perfect size! It fits my skin care, haircare, and other typical toiletries all in one. Plus, it has lobsters and lashes all over it which is freaking adorable. Unfortunately it is currently sold out, but be on the look out for it to come back in stock. Until then, I will link similar options here & here.

Skin Care- Everything I use for skin care has been recommended by my esthetician for my specific skin needs. I encourage anyone to go to an esthetician to get you on the perfect regimen for your skins needs. What works for me, might not work for you!

Micellar cleansing water– To take off my makeup or before putting on makeup!

Yonka Cleanser– This is the cleanser I use twice a day to wash my face. 

Fresh Rose water– What I use to tone my face with. Rose water has SO many benefits including calming the skin from any inflammation or redness! It’s also nice and hydrating. 

Yonka vital serum– I put this serum all over my face at night before I moisturize. Before I was given this regimen, I would get very oily through out the day. What I didn’t know was that I was not putting enough hydration in my skin, causing my skin it to over produce oil.

Yonka vital defense moisturizer– This is the moisturizer that I use both morning and night. It feels amazing, and has been a God sent product for my skin!

Hair Care-

Morrocan oil shampooconditioner– These are both very hydrating which is much needed after the sun, ocean, and pool all day!

Wet Brush– This brush might have well been created by God himself. Best brush ever!

Texas Tea volume spray– Because if I don’t use it, I will look like a basset hound. 

Amika mini dry shampoo– This is a new brand I have been loving! Dry shampoo is a must for me even in clean hair!

Amika mini texture spray– Great for a light weight hold giving your hair an airy texture.

Amika mini hairspray– Just in case I need a little extra hold!

*I know this may seem like a lot of hair products.. But what can I say? I’m a hairstylist.

Random boring stuff but essentials-

-tooth brush

-tooth paste

-dental floss


-cotton bag


Beach Products

These are the products I like to keep on hand in my beach bag!  It’s so important to put on SPF when going to the beach. Sun Bum is my favorite brand for sun protectant products. Always make sure to check the expiration date of your sunscreen because if it’s out of date, it could make you burn even worse! My beach bag is from target which I will link here.

Sunscreen– I personally like to use SPF 50 on my skin when I’m at the beach. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a tan!

Browning Lotion– Just because I use sunscreen, doesn’t mean I don’t want to get a brown tan! This browning lotion helps accelerate your tan, while giving you a gorgeous brown color.

Face Sunscreen– This sun screen has added aloe and vitamin E to help protect sensitive areas such as your face.

Cool Down Lotion– This lotion is great after sun care that soaks into your skin and smells so good!

Bumble & Bumble beach foam spray– This stuff is awesome to put in your hair after being at the beach or pool, and you want your hair to air dry pretty while you lay out or eat lunch!

Bumble & Bumble surf spray– I like to use this product when my hair is already dry, but I want to reactivate my waves.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what else you would like to see from me.


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