The Gift of Favor Delivery

Where are all my last minute Christmas shoppers at?! Everyone in my family was out Christmas shopping yesterday in true Leventis fashion (we are all procrastinators). I am still is disbelief that Christmas is in 2 days. I wish I could rewind time back to the days when the anticipation of Christmas seemed like an eternity. Now it just brings me anxiety, which is also why I now drink wine- haha! Blake and I will be with my family for Christmas this year (we alternate every year). My brother Jordan got married in May, so him and my sister-in-law Lindsey will also be with us! We wanted to make sure that we are all on the same rotation, so that every other year we will all be together! The older I get the more I cherish the holidays not for the gifts, but for the time I have to spend with my family. One of the things I look forward to most is my Gigi’s greek dishes she makes!

I’m here today to share a great last minute gift idea. Give the gift of anything delivered! Favor delivery service is now offering virtual gift cards. What I love about these gift cards is that they are so universal, giving someone the option to use them on restaurants, grocery stores, or even my fav- Target! They would be the perfect gift for new parents, busy college students, or anyone who needs to save some time in their day. A lot of people think that Favor only delivers from restaurants, but they can honestly deliver just about anything! I use Favor on a weekly basis when I am at work and do not have time to grab lunch, or run errands needed for that day. If you are sick at home and don’t feel up to driving to your nearest Walgreens, you can favor your meds right to your door! I have even placed a delivery for Sephora, when I was in desperate need of concealer but didn’t have the time to grab it (not too proud of this one).

Favor is the easiest way to get anything delivered in under an hour. Whether it’s lunch at the office, a household shopping list or those errands you just don’t have time for — your personal assistant (we call them Runners) can deliver it in just a few taps. Founded in 2013, in Austin, Texas, Favor has grown to over 50,000 Runners and has delivered more than 10 million Favors to-date. Favor is currently available in over 100 cities across Texas, where it is the best-rated delivery service. For more information, visit and follow Favor on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To purchase a Favor gift card, go to Choose a design, desired amount and your gift card will be sent via email. Also, if you buy a gift card by December 24th, you’ll receive 2 free deliveries (learn more here). I have compiled a list of my top 10 places I love to have delivered to me in the Houston area!

My Top 10 Favorite Favor Deliveries

Chick fila
El Tiempo Cantina
Pei Wei
Mod Pizza
Zoe’s Kitchen

Merry Christmas friends! Xoxo

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