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Recent Amazon Favorites

Can’t believe it’s already May! The days of quarantine are slow but the weeks seems to fly by. Since I have had lots of extra time to lounge on the couch, drink wine, & online shop… I thought I would share some of my Amazon favorites old & new! This is something I want to start doing every month. Blake and I buy most anything we can on Amazon so I’ll have lots to share!

Designer Dupe Sunnies– I get so many compliments on these sunglasses! They look just like the $400 Celine pair, but only $15.

Diffuser– This is a great quality diffuser. It will fill an entire room! Great for any scent or essential oils.

Celsius Energy Drinks– I’m obsessed with these energy drinks. They give you a boost of energy without a horrible crash. They are a little better for you than Red Bull or Bangs because the caffeine comes from green tea extract. I love this specific flavor, and sparkling orange the best.

Bed Sheets– We have these bed sheets in our bedroom and in both of our guest bedrooms. All of our guests always comment on how nice they feel. They are extremely soft, and the price is even better!

Santal Aroma Oil– This scent is to DIE for. If you are familiar, it smells identical to Santal 33 by Le Labo. I can’t describe the scent but it reminds me of being in a high end hotel in Malibu or something. I know that was random haha. It’s on the pricier side, but worth it.

Folex– I swear by this stain remover. I have a light gray couch that I use it on all the time! Also, the other day Rhett leaked poop on our white linen bedding (I know, gross) and it came completely out with this stuff. Magic in a bottle.

Hair Waver– I love that the semi crimped look is coming back! I love this one because it gives the look of messy beach waves.

Meat Masher Spatula– This is great for cooking ground meat!

10ft Charger– This is random but my friend Erica told me to get one of these for the hospital room when I had Rhett. It definitely came in handy, and we love keeping it in our living room since it has such a long reach!

Milk Frother– My mom sold me on this milk frother when she made me some coffee with it the last time I stayed at my parents. Made my creamer give my coffee a latte taste!

Mattress Topper– This memory foam mattress topper is amazing! Blake and I have this on our bed and it truly is what makes our bed so comfortable. We have the 2 inch size. It’s also such a great price!

Resistance Bands– These resistance bands have been awesome for at home workouts during quarantine.

Fridge Organizers– These fridge organizers are really nice and keep everything in order.

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