Recent Amazon Favorites

Amazon can be a dangerous obsession for me. It’s too convenient! Luckily for yall, my obsession can act as a great resource for you. Because I am browsing Amazon SO much, I find all the goods. In this post I’ve rounded up 12 of some recent finds I’ve been loving. I am also constantly updated my Amazon storefront that you can find on the main page of my website. Happy Shopping!

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Framar hair brush– If you’re a fan of the wet brush, then you HAVE to get this one. It’s way better in my opinion.

Claw clips– Yes, these things are coming back as a”trend” but honestly I have always loved keeping them in my bathroom to throw my hair up while I wash my face or hop in the shower! Now I’m wearing them more for everyday. Love throwing my hair up in a cute half up half down style with them.

Alani Nu pre-workout– I know not everyone is a big fan of pre-workout but I really love it to give me a boost during a workout. This brand is my absolute favorite! I get the Hawaiian shaved ice flavor. Their energy drinks are also amazing!

Candlestick holders– These candle stick holders are so cute and super affordable.

Bamboo dish scrub brush– These brushes are a game changer. They actually clean and scrub really well! Also looks cute sitting next to your sink.

Natural wood bowl– Gorgeous in your kitchen as a fruit bowl or used as a centerpiece. A little pricier but worth it for the size.

Cozy slippers– Ugg quality for a fraction of the price! I also prefer slippers with open toes so my feet don’t get too hot.

The five minute journal– I have been writing in this every day since I bought it. It helps you practice gratitude and self reflection at the beginning and end of everyday. Highly recommend!

Tumbler glass cup– A friend recommended these for me to used for my ice coffee and I LOVE it. Need to order another!

Baby/kid jammies– Rhett has about 4 sets of these jammies. Not only are they cute, but are so great for the price! Size options range from 1-12 years old.

Glass Storage Canisters– I thought these looked so cool and unique. Warning: they don’t seal very tight so keep that in mind when you choose what to fill them with!

Wooden pedestal– This is such a cute little decor piece to use as a shelf filler, on a counter top, or console table. Mine sits on my shelves with a candle on top.

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