Malibu Bachelorette Vacay

About a week ago I got to go on an amazing trip to Malibu for my friend Maddie’s Bachelorette party! Malibu has been on my list of places I wanted to visit, so when she said that was where she wanted to go I got so excited. I had several of you reach out via instagram wanting a play by play of what we did, where we ate, and where we stayed. Not only am I coming through with a blog post for you guys, but also a youtube video! I made a video highlighting parts of our trip for Maddie so she can relive all of the memories and fun times we had. Hope you guys enjoy it! In this blog post I will be sharing where we stayed and what we did by day. If you have any other questions regarding our trip, feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Day 1

There were 13 girls total that went on this trip so getting together at the airport was a bit of a struggle haha. We all flew in from different cities and met at the airport where our party bus picked us up! The bus was amazing and our driver was even more amazing. I don’t think he realized what he was getting into with 13 girls along with all of our suitcases in this bus of his. He was so accommodating despite how stressed he might have been! In the bus there was music, all sorts of alcohol, and a dancing poll- which kept everyone entertained on our 45 minute drive into Malibu. We stopped to have lunch at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills which is the newest restaurant opened by Lisa Vanderpump from Housewives and Vanderpump Rules (Bravo TV shows). The food was absolutely amazing!

After lunch we stopped at a grocery store to get alcohol and snacks to have at the house (priorities right?). Once we started making our way up to the house, I was blown away by the amazing views despite how car sick I was feeling. This house was so stunning and had the best view of Malibu. I will leave the link to the Airbnb where you can find many more pictures of the house here. It was also cool to find out that at one point in time the house was owned by one of the Backstreet Boys- AJ McLean. Once we explored the house we all got in our suites and relaxed by the pool while dinner was cooking. Maddie hired a personal chef to come and make us an amazing meal that night so we didn’t have to worry about going out. I thought that was so sweet of her and the meal was honestly the best one I had on the trip! Chef Monica Castilla was her name and not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she also makes clean, healthy, delicious food.

Day 2

I mean… Is she not the cutest?!

One of my favorite parts about the house was it’s badass coffee maker. It was built in to the wall and could make you whatever type of coffee you wanted! It might have taken a village of us to figure it out…. But it was such an added bonus to the house, specially for us coffee lovers. I loved waking up, making my coffee, and just sitting outside enjoying the amazing weather and views! Once we all got up and ready for the day we made our way to Malibu Pier where we ate brunch at Malibu Farm. This was so exciting for me because one of the main reasons I have wanted to go to Malibu was to eat here. I know that sounds pathetic but everyone always posts pictures there and raves about how amazing it is, and it did not disappoint! Make sure to put this on your list of places to eat if you are ever visiting Malibu.

After brunch and hanging out on Malibu Pier, we took Ubers over to Paradise Cove where we had a fenced in beach front Terrace reserved for all of us. Paradise cover is a nice place to go for a day at the beach where you can rent an entire terrace for your group, or a just a couple beach side lounge beds with an Umbrella. There is also a restaurant and bar right next to it where we got some yummy drinks made in pineapples (and maybe a shot or 2)… This was one of my favorites things that we did mainly because I love being at the beach. We all took our towels and drinks by the water and had the best time! Besides the fact that a wave completely knocked me over… I was trying to keep my hair dry so I didn’t have to wash it that night before we went out and that turned out to be a major fail. I don’t know if it was the amount of drinks I had or my lack of vertical jumping skills thinking I could jump over it. Probably a mix of both haha.

After Paradise Cove we all went back to the house to get ready for our dinner reservations at Nobu. This was another restaurant that I was really excited to go to! Nobu is a Japanese restaurant that is known to be a celebrity favorite. I never saw anyone famous that night but some of the other girls saw Jamie Foxx coming in for dinner! A few of us went out to a few bars after dinner so we left a little bit before the others did so we missed him.

Day 3

For our last full day in Malibu we went to the Malibu Wine Safari. This was honestly one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen! And what could be better than sipping on wine and petting exotic animals? The tour consisted of driving through the land and vinyards, stopping for wine tastings and petting animals, and enjoying the best views. The star of the entire tour was Stanley the giraffe. HE WAS SO CUTE! We got to pet and feed him lettuce and it was such a cool experience. Stanley is actually a celebrity since he has starred in a few movies, one of them being the Hangover 3. He even knew how to pose for the camera with you after you give him a piece of lettuce! This is something I think everyone should experience if you are visiting Malibu!

Once we were done with our tour we went to eat lunch at Krystie’s Village Cafe which was a more casual restaurant in a shopping area near by. At that point we were all so exhausted from drinking wine all day that we just wanted a good burger! I would highly recommend Kristie’s if you are looking for a more casual restaurant in Malibu. After lunch we got coffee and popped into a couple boutiques in the area.

Since we had a pretty eventful day we decided to stop at a grocery store on the way back to the house and picked up more alcohol, a bunch of frozen pizzas, and break and bake cookies to have at the house. We wanted to fully enjoy the amazing house we were staying in for our last night! After hanging by the pool for the afternoon we had Maddie open all of her lingerie and played some games while as always- drinking & eating. It was a nice relaxing evening until last minute a few of us decided to pull ourselves together and go out last minute. I’m so glad we decided to rally and go because it ended up being a BLAST! Funny fact: as we were walking in from our night out, some of the other girls were waking up to catch there early flight haha.

Our little group here didn’t have flights until late afternoon so we went into Santa Monica and ate at Ivy at the Shore which is the CUTEST little lunch spot. As we were waiting for the rest of our group to arrive we saw Reese Witherspoon being followed by paparazzi’s walking into the same restaurant we were eating at with her family. Our hearts definitely fluttered a bit. She is one of the greats! I may or may not have snuck a video of her eating her salad… Ivy at the Shore is another place you will most likely see a celebrity at. Besides it being great for stalking celebrities, it actually has really great food!

Malibu is definitely a place I want to go back and bring Blake to! I think he would really love it. Compared to LA, it’s much more relaxed and beautiful. I had a blast celebrating Maddie at her bachelorette party and can’t wait to stand by her side on her wedding day!




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