Hair Series- Why I Love My Job


Hey everyone! Today on All Things Blush I am kicking off my hair series for the month of June. As many of you know, I am a hairstylist and make-up artist at the French Door Salon & Spa in College Station, TX. So, every week of this month I am going to create a blog post over all things HAIR! I have a couple of posts already planned out, but am open to suggestions if there is something specific y’all would like me to cover. Also, there will be a giveaway at the end of the month gifting a few products I will be mentioning to some lucky ladies! In this post I will discuss how I became interested in a career in this industry and express the many reasons I love it so much. For those of you interested in pursuing a career in this industry hopefully this will help you!

As silly as it sounds, hair and make-up have always been my thing. I was that girl in school that always did others hair or make-up for prom, dates, going out, or even just in the locker room getting ready for the day! I remember doing one of my friend’s make-up before our dance performance senior year and her asking me, “Have you ever considered actually doing hair and make-up as a career after high school?” And honestly, until she asked me that question I had never even considered it. It was always something I had loved to do but never thought I could make a good living off of (which I was very wrong about). In my head, I thought I would go to college just like everyone else in hopes of finding something I would like doing. But then I started thinking… why not pursue something I know I love doing?

I remember telling my parents I wanted to go to cosmetology school and giving them a slight heart attack because of the unexpected career choice. They told me the best option would be for me to start out at Blinn (a community college in our hometown) and maybe after a year or so see if I still wanted to go to cosmetology school, or find something else I was interested in and transfer to Texas A&M to get my degree. Well, a year went by and I was still itching to go to cosmetology school. I told them I was going to go even if it meant going after I got my degree. So, they made a deal with me that if I got an Associate’s degree at Blinn, they would pay for me to go to cosmetology school! I was so thankful they provided me with that opportunity while also encouraging me to get my associates degree in case I want to go back to school one day. So, after two years at Blinn, I started cosmetology school at Charles and Sue’s School of Hair Design, which I completed in a year!

I want to give those of you who are new hairstylists or interested in going to cosmetology school five tips to jumpstart your business or help get you through school!


  1. Commit. Cosmetology school isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap. If you make the decision to go to cosmetology school, make sure you are ready to commit a lot of time, hard work, and money! You have to graduate with a certain amount of hours, and if you get in the habit of missing school you are only wasting your own time and money.
  2. Ask Questions. I was constantly asking questions in school. If I was going to be responsible for someone’s life (hair), I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing. I will never forget my first highlight I ever did….it took me 7 hours. Thank goodness it was on a friend, but I made her miss 2 classes (haha sorry Leah). During the process, I bugged my instructor so many times to check every little detail. I was very cautious and wanted to do it right, and hey- she ended up loving it!
  3. Learn From Your Mistakes. It is so easy to want to give up after making a mistake. You think “maybe this isn’t for me” or “maybe I’m not good enough at this?” Well, you’re wrong. There was a reason why you decided to start this journey and you can’t let a mistake here and there make you give up. EVERYONE makes mistakes (even those who have done hair for years), it’s how we learn not to make them again!
  4. Work Your Butt Off. If you want to be successful in this industry, YOU have to make it happen! Promote yourself by handing out business cards, taking pictures of your work, and my favorite- social media. HELLO free advertisement! My business grew so fast by creating an Instagram that showed off all my work. Currently, I am using that Instagram to promote my blog because my work schedule is so busy that I don’t need to rely on it anymore!
  5. Continue to Learn. It doesn’t matter if you have been doing hair for one year or 25 years, you will constantly be learning and need to be open to learning! Trends regularly come and go in the fashion and beauty world so it is literally a part of the job to keep up with them! Take continuing educational classes and learn from other stylists at your salon or other stylists on YouTube! I will leave links to a few of my favorite celebrity stylists to follow on YouTube- Guy Tang, Justin Anderson, Hair and Makeup by Steph. I actually got to learn from all three of them and many more in Chicago over the past couple years! There are many more that I follow on YouTube and Instagram, so let me know if you want more suggestions.


Now I want to share with y’all 5 reasons why I love my job and being in this crazy fun industry!


  1. Making Others Feel Beautiful. This is my #1 reason why I love my job. I have learned that there is no greater feeling than someone leaving your chair loving their hair or make up so much and seeing that boost of confidence they get! Knowing that I made that happen for them truly fills my heart with joy. Even if they have the WORST hair to work with or if it took me 5 hours, seeing how it makes them feel in the end makes it all worth it.
  2. Freedom of Expression. We are a big part of the beauty and fashion industry, and it’s so cool that we are able to express our personalities through the way we dress, style our hair, and style others hair! Next time you are in a salon, take a look at each stylists own individual style. One might have a super cute and funky bob cut, while another has long sexy beach hair, and a third has rainbow hair. They are each expressing their personalities in an artistic way. Additionally, when you work with them you get to know them and their personality and you see what they are skilled at. It’s really cool learning each individual’s techniques and how they go about styling hair!
  3. Freedom of Life vs. Work Life. One of the many things I LOVE about my job is the freedom to make my own schedule. I am a booth renter, meaning I pay weekly rent for my room at the salon and for all my tools/products/color I use on my clients. This also gives me the freedom to use whatever brands I like best! Being able to make my own hours and take off when I want is such a blessing that most people do not get with their careers!
  4. Opportunity. There is SO much opportunity in this industry if you search for it. I have had some of the best opportunities involving travel and learning from some of the best celebrity hairstylists. What’s awesome is that you can create your own opportunities! Whether it be signing up for classes, putting your work on the internet and getting recognition from it, opening up your own salon, working fashion week, or making connections, the possibilities are endless!
  5. Relationships. I can’t tell you how blessed I have been in the relationships I have made with my clients and co-workers. I really believe God purposely put them in my life for a reason! And to think it came from doing their hair or makeup is crazy, but assures me it’s where I am meant to be. I also got to meet my “hair bestie”. Every stylist has to have a “hair bestie”! She is your go-to girl when you run out of a product or need a second opinion when doing someone’s hair. Y’all share the same passion for doing hair and being with each other at work for so long allows you slowly yet quickly become best friends. I have been working with Lexi since I got out of school. Her and I instantly clicked when I started working at Chateau Chic and then we later moved to the French Door together in search of new opportunities. We partner for weddings and last year was a crazy busy wedding year. It was so fun yet also tiring traveling to different cities doing hair and make-up for bridal parties. We have also had the opportunity to go to Chicago for the past two years to learn from the best stylists in our industry through Behind the Chair. Every year they round up the best of the best stylists to teach us their techniques and give us advice on how to be successful! We got to learn from Jennifer Aniston’s colorist and stylist, which was so cool. They do many other celebrities as well but I mean Jen’s hair is iconic! It was so awesome getting to learn all of their little secrets. Not to mention we get to make a fun girls trip out of it 🙂 Make sure to follow Lexi on Instagram: lex_hairstylist

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post! I am excited to share some tips and tricks with y’all over the next few weeks. Lexi will be helping and giving her advice in some of them as well, which I am also excited about! Please let us know if there is something specific you want us to go over.

I am going to add a few pictures from our most recent trip to Chicago for those who haven’t seen them!















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