Graphic Tee Obsessed

Madison Bickham Photography

Today on ATB I am sharing how I like to style my graphic tees. We did this fun photo at the cutest little candy shop in College Station called Hey Sugar. If you are in the BCS area, I definitely recommend going! They have just about any candy you can think of, every flavor of bottled sodas, & a bunch of unique icecream/milkshake flavors. Even though I’m 26 years old, I still like to eat like I’m 6 every once in a while 🙂 One of my best friends Kate (author of Miss All Over The Place) tagged along on our photoshoot since she was in town visiting from NYC. She’s the best at making me laugh and making any situation a good time- so I was happy she came! She also knows my photographer Madi, who took on New York Fashion Week with us last fall. So it was fun for all of us to reunite again! Kate ended up hopping in some photos with me which made the whole experience even more fun. Who doesn’t love a fun photoshoot with their best friend eating all sorts of candy?! I honestly hate having so many pictures of myself and want to start including friends/family into more of my photos for my blog. To me it makes things more fun and relatable, and doesn’t make me look so self absorbed haha.

As of lately, graphic tees have been one of my absolute favorite things to wear. Some people might think they’re a little  cheesy (which some of them are), but there’s a certain type that I like. I usually go for the old rock & roll type graphic tees. This type of outfit is more realistic to what I wear on a daily basis. I love grabbing a graphic tee and dressing it up with a kimono, cardigan, blaze`r, or moto jacket! Sometimes I’ll style this look with a pair of booties, platform wedge, or end up going for some sort of cute sneaker. It’s a way to feel casual/comfortable but to also look cute/trendy at the same time. I included links to shop this look & other graphic tees I am loving under the pictures!  Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little post. Thanks for reading!



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