Fall Vibes

Madison Bickham Photography

I can hardly believe it’s technically “Fall”! While some of you are enjoying beautiful fall weather, us Texans are still suffocating from sweat and humidity. Lately we have been experiencing cooler mornings and afternoons, but our weather is so unpredictable (unless it’s summertime, then you know what you’re gonna get-HOT HOT!). Despite the fact that I don’t really get much of a fall season, I do really enjoy everything about it! The smells, the foods, the colors, & the fashion. Blake also really enjoys the season since it’s football season. *Fun fact* Blake is obsessed with anything and everything pumpkin spice flavored (he’s so basic I can’t even handle it). We make weekly grocery trips and once fall rolls around he gets one pumpkin-flavored treat to try from the grocery store every time we shop! Also, at Thanksgiving we have to make him his very own pumpkin pie because he eats the entire thing by himself (I know kind of disturbing). Don’t get me wrong, I do like pumpkin-spiced stuff, but he brings it to a whole other level! One of our favorite fall treats is the pumpkin scones that come out each year at HEB. If you haven’t tried them you absolutely must!

For all of my College Station peeps- has anyone been to the Stella Hotel? This is where Madi and I chose to shoot a few looks (including this one) and it is stunning! Inside they have the cutest little coffee shop, restaurant, and whiskey bar with the coolest vibes. We of course (like every time we shoot), got some coffee at the coffee shop (POV), which was delicious. You definitely don’t feel like you’re in College Station when you are there! I’m thinking about having a little stay-cation there with Blake at some point. You can check out their beautiful hotel here!

This outfit is one of my all-time favorite fall looks in my wardrobe. As most of you know, the majority of my wardrobe consists of Free People. One of my favorite things about Free People is how they uniquely structure their pieces for layering. It’s genuinely a fun experience for me to mix & match different things together as shop in their store, till I like what I see. That is exactly what happened with this outfit! This sweater dress comes in a couple different colors and is super versatile. You could wear it as a dress or even over leggings/jeans. I paired it with this green lace turtle neck which also comes in multiple colors, they are layering galore! I have linked all of my outfit details for shopping under the pictures. Lastly, sorry this post is kinda short! I decided to whip it up last minute for y’all before things sell out. Be back next week with a Coffee W/ Rach post! 



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