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Cute Baby Boy Clothes

For some reason I always hear boy moms say “It’s not fair, there aren’t as many cute baby boy clothes as there are for girls!”. Well, I beg to differ! I made it my mission to find super cute boy clothes that wouldn’t break the bank. Rhett has a certain style I love to go for which is effortlessly trendy! I love finding good basics that I can mix and match for him, and then throw on a hat and some converse to make it look trendy. I’m personally not as into the frilly boy clothes, although they are still super cute! It’s just not “Rhett’s” style. But I don’t totally stray away from the clothes with cute animals or dinosaurs on them!

I will say that dressing a little boy seems a little less stressful than having to dress a little girl. When in doubt you can throw a onesie on them and call it a day. There would be times I would just reach into the drawer and dress him in whatever I grabbed without even thinking about it! If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t invest too much into cute baby boy clothes until they get to be about 6 months. The first 2-3 months of Rhett’s life he lived in zip up onesies which are so convenient when you are changing that many diapers! If it had snaps, we barely used it. On occasion we’d dress him up for a picture or something but for the most part we lived in zippies! When he turned 6 months it became easier to dress him in shorts/pants and a top. Which is what all these super cute boy clothes I have found consist of! I’m going to share a lot of my favorite finds that y’all can shop below. My current favorite store for Rhett has been Zara Kids. The prices are amazing and the clothes are so cute! They also have super cute girl clothes as well that I’m always checking out for my niece Kolby. I wanted to keep these clothes for this post on the affordable side because let’s be real… they grow out of them so quick! I have a few pieces from different boutiques that I have definitely splurged on that he only ended up wearing once or twice.

I hope y’all find this post helpful if you are on the hunt for cute baby boy clothes! Share this post to anyone who might need some cute affordable finds for their baby!

Zara Kids


3 pack short sleeve pocket tees, dog graphic tee, animal graphic tee, henley top (have in multiple colors), long sleeve henley top, 3 pack long sleeve pocket tees, denim shirt, light weight sweatshirt, pouch pocket tee


denim shorts, tan joggers, green joggers, striped green shorts, brown striped shorts, animal green joggers, light gray shorts, beige pants, check trousers, snoopy joggers (would look so cute with a plain tee & converse!)



Target & Gap

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