Confessions of a Coffee Addict

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Anyone that knows me, knows about my obsession with coffee. I profoundly adore all types of coffee- lattes, cappuccinos, hot brew, cold brew, you name it! Lately, I have been on a cold brew kick and wanted to share how I make my own iced coffee at home. I am a Starbucks regular… but noticing how much I was spending there a week made me realize the ridiculous prices! In my mind, that money could be going to new shoes…. not calories. So I decided I needed to find a way to make my own coffee at home taste just as good, to cut down on the dollars Starbucks was taking out of my wallet. Now that I have found a PERFECT iced coffee recipe that is super easy to make, my desire for Starbucks is dwindling. And spoiler alert!! One serving is only 30 calories!

 This cold brew coffee is made in New Orleans (one of my favorite places) and around Mardi Gras they were selling it at Sam’s club. This limited availability made my heart drop, but luckily, I found it on Amazon! Here is where you can purchase it if you are interested in trying it. And here is their explanation on how Cool Brew is made, and the history behind the company.


Finally, here is how I use the cold brew to whip up the perfect coffee concoction!

 1. Pour 1-2 servings into a glass over ice.

2. Add 8 ounces (or as much as you want) of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

3. Sweeten with a packet of stevia or Splenda


If you are a coffee lover like me, you have to try this! It’s very simple, but tastes so good. Because of how this coffee is brewed, there is less acidity in it, making it better for your stomach! It is also low calorie, and is much less expensive than Starbucks. I still let myself indulge in Starbucks, or stop by a local coffee shop every once in a while. But, I am glad I have found something just as good to make at home!

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