InCoffee w/ Rach

Coffee w/ Rach

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Q: What does your morning routine entail? How long does it take for you to get ready?

A: I live for a good morning routine. If my routine is off in the morning, my day is off! So I set 3 alarms 15 minutes apart (anyone else do this?), and wake up by the 3rd at 6:30. First thing I do is my morning skincare routine. Then I go downstairs to make my coffee & breakfast. Before I look at texts or social media, I like to start my day by reading my daily devotional app “The Confidant Woman” by Joyce Meyer. It gets my mind right! Then I watch Good Morning America while I do my makeup at the kitchen island. Yes, I like to do my makeup in the kitchen… I keep a makeup mirror & my makeup bag down there lol. Since I only wash my hair twice a week I don’t usually style it in the mornings (aka I’m too lazy to mess with it). I do my hair when I get to work if I really feel like it! I’m usually fully ready to go no later than 7:30, and try to leave the house between 7:30-8:00 for my hour commute!

Q: Do you have a favorite self tanner?

A: Yes! My current favorite self tanner is the St. Tropez Self Tan Express. I love this stuff because it only takes 3 hours to fully develop. You can leave it on for 1 hour for a light sunkissed glow, 2 hours for a medium golden tan, and 3 hours for a deep, darker bronze. I apply it with the St. Tropez applicator mitt!

Q: Were you always comfortable with someone taking your pictures?

A: No, and I’m still not! When I’m having my picture taken for either instagram or my blog it’s usually in a public setting, and I’m not one for loving attention so I get very uncomfortable lol. It’s not that I really care what people think but I can’t fully relax or look “natural” If I feel like people are watching me. But if I’ve had a couple drinks I’m good haha!

Q: Who takes your Instagram pictures?

A: Most of you know that my friend Madi Bickham takes my professional pictures for my blog/instagram! If I’m just needing a picture on my phone I have either Blake or Hannah (my sister)  take it. They both know what I want so I trust them if they say it’s good or not! If I need one when I’m not with either of them I just have whichever friend I’m with snap one.

Q: What is your go to shampoo/conditioner?

A: I’m currently using the Amika Normcore shampoo/conditioner & LOVE them. They are great for anyone & any hair type. Let me be honest by saying that since I am a hairstylist I have many favorites. Another duo I always go back to is the Creme de Coco by Bumble & Bumble shampoo/conditioner!

Q: What are your favorite baby girl and baby boy names?

A: Omg it stresses me out thinking of future baby names! So much to consider… Like will this name go with them when they are 80 years old?! I have a girl name that I absolutely love but don’t want to share (is this rude?). I guess it will have to be a surprise if we have a girl one day! Blake has had a name picked out for a little boy honestly since I’ve known him. He LOVES the name Hunter. It’s not my absolute favorite but I think I need to give it to him since he’s very passionate about naming a future son Hunter hahaha. Other boy names we’ve liked on are Christian & Jaxon (Jax for short). We do know we want to use family names as middle names!

Q: Do you & your husband have frequent date nights? If so, what do you guys like to do on a typical date night?

A: We usually go to dinner just us at least once a week on a Friday or over the weekend! Honestly, we don’t get too fancy when it comes to date nights haha. We’re so busy that we like to keep it relaxed. Sometimes we will just order food in, pick up dessert at a grocery store, make drinks at home, and binge watch some of our favorite shows or movies (this is my favorite after a super busy week). Or we like to go out to dinner, and maybe get drinks or dessert after! When it’s not 100 degrees outside we love to go to places with nice patios or live music. We recently joined a fitness club and last Saturday we went to work out, did sauna/steam room, then had drinks & laid by the (adult only) pool for the rest of the day. It was so nice!

Q: Favorite current lip combo?

A: My favorite is always a nude lip! I’ve really been loving the Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Style in the color Nude No. 6. Hourglass has a collection of nudes that are all so pretty! This specific shade is more of a mauve tone nude. I pair this with any of my favorite nude lip liners! But I can’t wait to start wearing darker colors for fall.

Q: Who are your favorite IG users you love that give you major style inspo?

A: I seriously have so many!! A few of my favorite are Brooke & Megan from Somewhere Lately, Sivan Ayla, Gina Ybara from Hunt for Styles, & Kathleen Post!

Q: Your top 3 favorite items from Trader Joe’s…. GO!

A: I think this is the hardest one to answer! I have SO many favorite Trader Joe’s finds! But if I had to pick my top 3 current favorites it would be the dark chocolate peanut butter cups, the everything but the bagel seasoning (I literally put this on everything), & the sun-dried tomato chicken sausage. But ask me again when they start carrying all of their fall/holiday treats!

Life Update

July always slows down SO much for me at work. Now that we are almost through August (so crazy), I am getting much busier and weddings are picking up! For those of you who are new around here- my bestie Lexi and I started a wedding hair/makeup company Blush & Glow Co. I absolutely LOVE doing hair and airbrush makeup for beautiful brides. There’s nothing like making someone feel extra beautiful on their wedding day! Our busiest wedding months here in Texas are October & November during the fall when it starts cooling off a bit.

Apparently we are supposed to have the coolest fall/winter yet- PRAISE JESUS. This summer heat has been brutal and I’m over it. Bring on the fall and winter clothing!! Bath & Body Works just brought back all of their fall scents so I went ahead and stocked up on a few (Leaves is my fav). I don’t know why they don’t keep them out all year long because I prefer to burn those over the summer scents! At the end of September Blake and I will be heading up to Branson to visit my in laws. I’m hoping the weather will be nice then!

My trip to Malibu for my friend Maddie’s bachelorette party was AMAZING. I want to go back so bad. You can check out my blog post here where I talk about everything we did on the trip! This is all I have as far as an update goes. Life the past month has been pretty laid back. Maybe the next one will have more juicy gossip 🙂

xo, Rach

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