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Good morning everyone! If you happened to miss the last Coffee w/ Rach, this is a series where I answer questions from y’all in a blog post as well as sharing a little life update at the end. This is a fun way for me to interact with y’all, and for y’all to get to know me a little more. I asked y’all on instagram through a poll if you wanted me to post this blog post for today or this coming Friday, and today won by a landslide! So maybe it’ll brighten your monday a bit. I will leave a link to my last Coffee w/ Rach here. Now grab your coffee, and let’s chat.

Questions from you guys!

Q: What are your current favorite hair products?

A: This is such a hard one for me to answer! As most of you know, I am a hairstylist so my favorite products are constantly changing. I work at a Bumble & Bumble salon and am totally in love with all of their products, but lately I have been using 3 of my current favorites on my clients that have helped create the PERFECT blowout. The Bb. Save The Day Daytime Protective Repair Fluid, Bb. Blow Dry Straight, & Bb. Thickening Mousse. The daytime repair fluid is a new product that recently launched that I am in love with! It is a repair serum that is packed with antioxidant & camila oil that helps restore & hydrate damaged hair, and it smells amazing! I like to cocktail this with the Blow Dry Straight styling cream. A lot of people assume that this product will actually straighten their hair. But, it’s really more of a heat protecting product that helps smooth & reduce frizz, creating a beautiful silky blowout! The mixture of the 2 is amazing. Last I add the Thickening Mousse at the roots for some bouncy volume! This is my absolute favorite mousse to use as a root pump. It creates structure at the root but is super lightweight. These 3 products have been my favorite in-salon products for sure!

Q: How often do you wash your hair?

A: I wash my hair 1-2 times a week! It really depends on the weather & my plans for the week. I do workout very often and tend to get pretty sweaty… so, when people ask what I do in that situation… all you need is a blow dryer and a good dry shampoo! I know, gross. But you gotta do what you gotta do! Which leads me to the next question-

Q: What are your favorite dry shampoos?

A: This answer could easily change every week. But my current favorite dry shampoos that I have been using for a while now are the IGK Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo, & the Bb. Pret-a-Powder Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo My favorite part about these products is the fact that they are colorless (hinted with invisible)! Tinted dry shampoos tend to have a greasy texture to them while those with a white cast make me look like I have gray hair. The IGK definitely wins for the best smelling!

Q: Is Orange Theory worth the price?

A: YES! I will be honest when I tried my first free class, I told myself I wasn’t going to actually pay that much for a membership (just wanted the free class lol). Next thing I knew I was signing papers for a membership. I began with a 2 class per week membership, but have recently switched over to the unlimited package. Definitely do your own research, but it’s essentially an hour-long workout that combines both cardio & strength training. They give you a heart rate monitor to wear during the class and teach you how to work out for your own heart rate. Some people have asked if you can replicate the class workout on your own at the gym. Yes, you can. But what I am paying for is the environment, motivation, & accountability through a trainer who is pushing you, correcting form, & telling you what to do next. I would never be able to get that good/intense of a workout in an hour on my own at the gym (I get too bored, distracted). Also, the music they play is bad a$$.

Q: What are your favorite leggings to wear for the fall/winter season?

A: Hands down the faux leather leggings by Spanx! These leggings are the most flattering leggings I own. I wore them so much last year that I had to buy another pair this year for back up! I love dressing them down with sneaks & a casual sweater, or dressing them up with some knee-high boots & a suede moto jacket! They have all different types of leggings, but the faux leather are my favorite. I have the moto looking ones in my cart right now… Will leave a link to those as well here.

Q: How long have you and your husband been together?

A: Blake and I have been married now for 3 1/2 years, but have been together for over 10! I know.. Such a long time! We started dating at the beginning of our junior year in High School and have stayed together ever since. He is my best friend & the weirdest/funniest person I know. Who knew you could love someone so much while also wanting to kill them (every once in a while) at the same time 🙂

Q: What are your favorite places to shop for affordable clothing?

A: I would have to say Target, H&M, and Old Navy! I feel like you can find great quality pieces, with even better price tags. The sweaters & shoes from Target this year have been on point! I will link a few of my recent favorite Target finds here: bell sleeved sweater (bought this in both colors), tunic sweater (SO much cuter in person, size up), cross-back sweatergreen platform sneaks, high top sneakers, booties.

Q: What do you like to edit your Instagram pics with?

A: I’ve gotten this question a few times so I thought I’d add it in here! I really only use VSCO to edit all my Instagram pictures and occasionally use Snapseed for brightening purposes. But VSCO is always my go to. In my opinion, it’s the best editing app for iPhone pictures! What a lot of people don’t realize is you can purchase different filter series. Which is basically purchasing different types of filters for editing options. I never thought I’d be that person that spent money on filters, but they are totally worth it if you are trying to build some sort of social platform! I don’t use a specific filter on every picture because the lighting and settings of every photo are different so I play with different filters with the hopes of making my Instagram feed coordinated. I know it sounds like it’s a lot of work, but once you figure out what type of editing style you like, it’s easy to get what you want!

Life Update:

I was doing my cousin’s hair the other day and she asks me “So, what’s been going on? How have you been? What have you been up to?” I replied with the usual.. “Oh I’ve been good, just working!” which is the answer I feel I always give her or anyone else who asks me these questions. I have been super busy with work because everyone wants to try to get their hair done for the holidays, as well as getting holiday blog posts planned for this coming season! I’m actually starting to work in an official capacity with brands more which is awesome, but also adds to my workload. And on top of commuting to work every day, my to-do lists can get a little overwhelming. But, I’m trying really hard to improve my work-life balance (people that know me are currently laughing). This is actually a topic in one of my blog posts coming up in the near future!

Another exciting update is that I am FINALLY getting a nice camera for blog & fun purposes!! A fellow blogger friend of mine Summer (author of With Love, Summer), announced that she was selling hers- so I jumped on the opportunity. Before this opportunity arose, I was researching how much these cameras cost but was not quite ready to sell my soul… I love using my iPhone for Instagram while filtering in professional shots that Madi takes of me, but I would really like to use higher quality pictures for my actual blog. Plus, she is about to graduate and leave me (*actually crying*), so I need to learn how to work a camera on my own. Or dare I say…. teach Blake. He is honestly the opposite of an “Instagram husband” haha! But he always says he thinks he’d be good at taking them for me. So, I might just have to have Madi give him a few pointers. Plus, I want to start including him more in my blog! He’s honestly my biggest behind the scenes supporter. I’m looking into more traveling collaborations that I would love for him to be apart of as well! He is currently on a “I want to have a baby” kick…. so if any of you know of a young child I can borrow for 24 hours (preferably one who hasn’t had a nap), that would be great so he can have a real taste of what it is going to be like 🙂 Just kidding, I want to have children someday, but have a few more things I want to do before that!

So I just looked at my calendar and realized that Christmas is in 7 weeks… yikes! I really want to be on top of my Christmas shopping game this year, so I’m already planning it out. We are doing Christmas with my family the weekend before, because this year Blake and I will be spending Christmas with his parents in Branson, Missouri! This is definitely bittersweet for me because although I love my in-laws, this will be the first time being away from my family at Christmas. Blake and I have been very blessed that our parents have both lived in the same town we grew up in! This made holidays so easy to spend with both families. In fact, the past 4 years our families have had Thanksgiving & Christmas Day meals together (also thankful our families love each other). But as of last year, my in-laws retired and built a beautiful house on Table Rock Lake in Branson. Although it’s going to be hard not being with my family, I’m excited to spend Christmas with them in their new home! Also, I will finally be able to experience a white Christmas. We will be bringing our dogs along as well so I’m excited to see how they are going to react to the snow!

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. If you have a question that you would like me to answer in the next Coffee w/ Rach, please leave a comment, or email me-



PS- website will be getting a makeover very soon. Can’t wait for y’all to see!


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