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2 Piece Set + Life Update

2 Piece Set // Revolve, Free People Booties // Sam Edelman Sunnies // Ray-Bans

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Happy Hump Day everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve shared a little life update on my blog. I’ve chosen to break my mold of sharing photos and rambling about how great my outfit is. As many of you know I love beauty and fashion, but I’ve realized that I truly want this space to be a lifestyle blog and not restrict it to fashion and beauty. Although those things are a big part of myself and what I do, I want to be able to share random thoughts (good and bad), favorite recipes, travel experiences, and whatever else sparks my fancy! I’ve been trying to post one blog per week and so far I’m on a 3 week streak (a record!). 

Blake and I are preparing for a big step in our lives- buying a house! It honestly stresses me out getting down to the nitty gritty of buying a house. There are so many things that go into buying your first home that no one really talks about! But we are so ready to finally invest in something of our own and have the freedom to renovate it to be perfect for us. We have been married for almost 5 years and have moved every year for 5 years- talk about exhausting! When we got married we were both very young (Blake was still in college) and had zero money to put down on a house during that time. The first couple years of our marriage were very interesting for us in terms of finances. Being young, we still had a lot to learn about money! While we never put ourselves into debt, we definitely prioritized recreational activities over saving. We sometimes kick ourselves for that but, in the end, we don’t regret it at all. Ultimately, we are glad we had the opportunities to go on fun trips and enjoyed our lives as a young married couple. After that we quickly got our shit together and started saving money 🙂 We are both finally in great place career wise ( & at the same time- a bonus!) where we feel like we can manage our money to spend/invest in things we want AND save. This is a great feeling! We are not rolling in dough (I wish), but it’s nice to get to hit a financially comfortable stage as we get older. I will make sure to update the blog when we find our first home. I would also like to start including home decor content!

Because our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up (May 24th), we are planning a tropical vacation. We don’t know where yet, but destinations were are considering are the Bahamas, Mexico, or somewhere in the Caribbean. We haven’t gone on a “just us” trip since our honeymoon, the many trips we have gone on since have always been with friends, family, or are very short weekend getaways.  Last year for our anniversary we went to Pluckers and watched the Rockets basketball game, haha! Surprisingly, that was my choice (I’m a cheap date). We have made it a goal to do a big trip every 5 years married. I told him that we could go to Pluckers every other year for all I care, but every 5 years we WILL do something special. He agreed of course 🙂 Other than our anniversary trip we don’t have much else planned since we are trying to buy and furnish a new home ($$$). But, I’m sure we’ll go on a weekend trips here and there with friends! I’ve been also trying to convince my parents into a family trip to Rosemary Beach this year, but we’ll see if I can get them to commit to that one! I think that it’s important to go on family trips together as we get older since we don’t all live in the same town anymore. My family is going through TONS of changes right now and we could all definitely use a getaway!

On a random note, I started taking Barre classes at the gym Blake and I have a membership at. I’m used to doing HIIT workouts such as Orange Theory or circuits work Blake has me do at the gym.  Barre is SO different than what I’m used to, but I have already noticed a difference! To describe it – it’s similar to Pilates with a ballet influence (don’t worry you don’t need any type of dance experience). It is low impact and you use little to no weights. I’ve been trained to think that I need to be drenched in sweat to get a good workout, but these classes have proved otherwise! I barely sweated at all in my first class but was SO sore for the next few days. I’ve learned that it’s good to change up what type of workouts you do when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau. It also makes it more fun and interesting trying new things!

There are a few other random things that are coming up that I can’t quite share yet (no, I’m not pregnant), but I will do so in due time! This weekend Blake and I will be in San Antonio for Matt and Maddie big day tying the knot, and their wedding is going to be absolutely stunning. We are so excited to be a part of their big day and celebrate all weekend long. When we get all of our friends together, we certainly know how to have a good time! This will be the 4th wedding Blake and I have been in together. We’re pretty much pros at this now. I hope everyone has a great week/weekend! 

*FYI- Friday is national margarita day. Make sure to enjoy this sacred day!*

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